I began working with Jo at TVDNY during the early stages of my business. The initial directory we created was internally a straight forward document, which led us to take a more conceptual approach on the outer cover and overall brand style. The image we developed needed to depict an all encompassing idea of the numerous neurological issues that the organisation support. The bright and powerful graphic we created was purposely meant to ‘not go unnoticed’, determined as we were to draw attention to the organisation and the many causes they champion.
"Nick is a delight to work with.  A truly reliable professional who is thoroughly focussed on delivering a high quality standard in a timely manner. His excellent listening skills translated what we needed for new branding and promotional materials which has subsequently drawn compliments from other organisations in our field. I always look forward to working with him." 
Jo Cole, Head of Operations, TVDNY Neurological Alliance

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