I was initially commissioned to create a brand style for The South West School of Non-Destructive Testing a division of MTD. The subsequent success of this project and the positive effect on the business lead to the whole of the engineering division adopting a compatible style. The school brand has been utilised on training materials, exhibitions stands, promotional materials and advertising. A website is currently under development as are various other projects across the engineering division.
"Nick has taken a very disjointed corporate brand style for The South West School of NDT and moved it forward in a cohesive way with great sensitivity to ensure that the new designs work with everything already in use. His attention to detail is impeccable and he's always there when we need him, and no matter how tight the deadline, he's met it. Most importantly he provides ideas and directions that on our own we would never have imagined, we will certainly be working with him on a number of projects going forward."
Michelle Clapham, Sales & Client Support Manager, Engineering Services, MTD Group

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